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Please note: Weekend ticket prices apply for all bank holiday’s.

Summer 2024 Prices
Weekend Day Ticket (8am-7pm) - £10.00
Midweek Day Ticket (8am-7pm) - £8.00
Two rods per angler
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Ben’s Lake is just under an acre in size with 16 pegs and is a firm favourite amongst pleasure/match anglers.

​The lake changed to a Carp/F1 lake when we had it netted at the end of 2018. All of the silver fish were taken out and put into Brook Lake which will allow the Carp/F1’s that reside in Ben’s to thrive.

There is an aeration system in place that provides perfect conditions for this heavily stocked Carp/F1 lake.

The lake stock really is sublime with around 2000 carp and plenty of F1’s.

The carp average around 5lb, the perfect size for matches.

Ben’s at its deepest is around 5 and a half feet, and on average around 4 feet making this an ideal lake for pole fishing.

The match record on Ben’s is currently 166lbs and was set by a local match angler who fished pellet up in the water on the pole from Peg 1.

​Ben’s is also very suitable for disabled anglers as it is possible to park your car/s right behind one of the eight BDAA award winning pegs that are very user friendly and are ideal for anglers who struggle with mobility etc.



  • Paying anglers and staying guests only allowed on site. Visitors must be cleared with the fishery team prior to arrival. Opening/closing times are not negotiable.
  • You must be in possession of your current EA rod license in order to fish.
  • Vehicles off the grass at all times. Only stop in designated car parks.
  • Respect your fellow anglers and keep within the stated swim boundaries.
  • Intoxicated and/or anti-social anglers will be asked to leave the complex.
  • Dogs are allowed on the complex but must be kept under control in the confines of your swim and all mess must be cleared up after them.
  • No air rifles or other weapons.
  • Do not cut trees or foliage without the fishery teams permission.
  • You must leave just before the stated time on your ticket.
  • Maximum of two rods.

Match Rules

  • Dip all nets as soon as you get on-site.
  • Two Keepnets or more must be used from the start in all matches.
  • A 60lb limit in each net with fish distributed evenly between nets.
  • No swinging fish in, a landing net must be used for every fish.
  • No pole cups over the water before the start of the match.
  • Match official decisions are final.
  • Offenders will be disqualified.


  • No surface fishing
  • No bagging wagglers


  • Barbless hooks only. 
  • Minimum reel line of 4lb.
  • No braided reel line, mono or fluoro only.
  • Leads must be able to eject or pull free easily.
  • Leadcore/fused leaders are allowed but must not be more than 1m long.
  • Nothing fixed on the line behind the lead/feeder system except putty.
  • The OMC ‘The Magic Twig’ is not allowed.

Fish Care

  •  All nets, unhooking mats and slings are to be dipped as soon as you arrive in the blue tube opposite the cafe.
  • You must have suitable carp care liquid for treating injuries on landed fish.
  • Fish must only be lifted from the water with there fins running flat against there body.
  • If you’d like to weigh and photograph a fish then it must be done safely in the swim they are landed from on an unhooking mat. NO STANDING UP WITH ANY FISH!
  • Any dead fish or fish that look to be distressed or injured, please inform the fishery team immediately. (01676530299 or 07796998309)