Intermediate Carp Lake





Please note: Weekend ticket prices apply for all bank holiday’s.

Summer 2024 Prices
Oak Intermediate Carp Lake
Weekend Day Ticket (9am-7pm) - £13.00
Midweek Day Ticket (9am-7pm) - £11.00
Weekend Night Ticket (6pm-8am) - £13.00
Midweek Night Ticket (6pm-8am) - £11.00
Midweek 23hr Ticket (9am-8am) - £20.00
Weekend 23hr Ticket (9am-8am) - £25.00
Three rods per angler
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Oak is our intermediate carp lake. By this we mean it’s great for those anglers that want to have a good chance of getting a bite or two. The lake is just over an acre with fishing all from one bank.

The pegs are split up by underwater raised clay bars which are a great feature. The stock of carp currently sits at around 75 with them ranging from 10-20lbs.

As always the fish are lovely and clean with some older originals that were moved out of our specimen lake Station. To compliment them we have stocked some young stockies that will pile the weight on! The lake is kept clean and tidy with chipped pegs.

We recommend using our house pellets, maize, corn and boilie, all of which you can get from the Tackle Shop upon arrival.



  • Paying anglers and staying guests only allowed on site. Visitors must be cleared with the fishery team prior to arrival. Opening/closing times are not negotiable.
  • You must be in possession of your current EA rod license in order to fish.
  • Vehicles off the grass at all times. Only stop in designated car parks. No unloading at swims.
  • Angler’s bivvies must be pitched in the designated swims. No tents.
  • Respect your fellow anglers and keep within the stated swim boundaries.
  • Intoxicated and/or anti-social anglers will be asked to leave the complex.
  • Bait boats are allowed
  • Dogs are allowed on the complex but must be kept under control in the confines of your swim and all mess must be cleared up after them.
  • All BBQ’s must be raised off the floor. No fires.
  • No air rifles or other weapons.
  • Do not cut trees or foliage without the fishery teams permission.
  • You must leave just before the stated time on your ticket or buy an extension.
  • Maximum of three rods.
  • Please call the fishery phone (01676530299 or 07796998309) if you catch any fish during the day time so a bailiff can come and take pictures.


  • Shelf life or Frozen boilies are allowed.
  • April 1st to October 31st – All baits except for Maggots, casters, worms or other live baits are permitted.
  • November 1st to March 31st – Maggots, casters, worms or other live baits can be used
  • All spombs/spods/bait rockets must float.


  • Barbless hooks only. Crushed barbs are fine but must not ‘catch’ when tested in clothing.
  • Minimum reel line is 0.35mm or 0.33mm if using tapered line.
  • Braided reel line on spod and marker rods only.
  • Leads must be able to eject or pull free easily.
  • Leadcore/fused leaders are allowed but must not be more than 1m long.
  • Nothing fixed on the line behind the lead system except putty.
  • The OMC ‘The Magic Twig’ is not allowed.

Carp Care

  •  All nets, unhooking mats and slings are to be dipped as soon as you arrive in the wooden tub down by the lake.
  • You must have suitable carp care liquid for treating injuries on landed fish.
  • Fish must be lifted from the water in a weigh sling.
  • Fish can be retained for no longer than 15 minutes and must be out of water for the minimum time possible. All fish must be weighed and photographed safely in the swim they are landed from.
  • Any dead fish or fish that look to be distressed or injured, please inform the fishery team immediately.
  • Please call the fishery phone (01676530299 or 07796998309) if you catch any fish during the day time so a bailiff can come and take pictures.

Some of the fish