It is Lavender Hall’s policy to be fair and honest with the visitors to their waters and for this reason we have no silly rules. Very few visitors are banned from the waters or told to leave but the bailiff or staff will send anglers away if they blatantly disregard the rules that we do have. For instance anglers have been told to leave after parking their vehicles on the grass having driven past notices saying they should not do so, standing up with fish, lighting fires on the bank, being abusive and spoiling the fishing for others, leaving their rods unattended and leaving litter.
Lavender Hall operates a zero tolerance policy to any acts of aggression or abuse towards its bailiff and staff.

  • As soon as you arrive dip landing net/s & keepnets & let them dry. To give the nets chance to dry do not put them in the water until 15 minutes prior to start of match
  • Immediately on arriving at your peg keep nets must be stretched out on the bank.  15 minutes prior to the start of the match only then can nets be put in the water.
  • Each angler must have a minimum of 2 keep nets, both do not have to be in at the start of the match. But it is strongly advised that you do start the match with both nets in the water. The reason being is that fish must be split, carp above 2lb in one net and silverfish and carp below 2lb in another net. Maximum of 60lb in any net, anything over the weight of 60lb in one net will just count as 60lb.
  • Anglers must not fish over halfway. I.e: Past the middle of the lake or over halfway to the next peg. However if you have a vacant peg next to you you can fish up to the platform of the next peg.
  • Only ever used one rod/pole at a time. This does also mean that you can’t for example cup bait out with your pole whilst your rod is also out fishing.
  • No Shock Sticks
  • No Floating Poles
  • No Bagging Wagglers
  • No Candle Floats