• All Day Ticket’s to be purchased online BEFORE fishing.
  • Do not park on grass, unless it is designated parking area which will be clearly signposted. 
  • NO STANDING UP WITH FISH (Visit our   Fish Care  page for more info on how to care for fish whilst they are on the bank)
  • Barbless hooks ONLY to be used. 
  • Rods must not be left unattended. Up to two rods can be used on the General lakes and you must have the appropriate E.A. licence to cover these.
  • No carp to be retained – sacks are not allowed. (Unless you have been given special permission by a member of staff)
  • Unhooking mats must be used at all times for all carp and large fish of other species. DO NOT UNHOOK FISH ON PEG/PLATFORM.
  • No boats, bait boats, guns, fires, swimming, drugs or excessive drinking.
  • NO DOGS EXCEPT ON A LEAD AND UNDER CONTROL. (Owner must clean any dog mess up)
  • Bait Restrictions that apply to the General Lakes are – NO SURFACE FISHING, no trout pellets, multiple baits such as seeds, nuts, peas and beans must be from a branded company such as Bait-tech, Dynamite Baits, Sticky Baits etc and fresh out of the tin/jar.
  • Permanently fixed leads and feeders are not allowed (Semi fixed like a standard lead clip or running rigs only) – RIGS WILL BE CHECKED BY OUR BAILIFF/STAFF.
  • Standard elasticated feeders are not allowed however if they are like the X-Safe Guru Feeders or equivalent then these are ok but please check with us if you are unsure.
  • No transferring of fish between waters – no fish to be taken away or killed.
  • The lakes are on private property, so you should do nothing to disturb others, make no noise and keep any radio volume to a minimum.
  • Braided mainline is not allowed, but you may use braided hooklinks. Such as Korda N-Trap etc
  • Only one guest per angler allowed (No further unannounced guest’s without permission from a member of staff)
  • A proper fishing net is required, one per angler.
  • If you do catch a fish and would like us to come and take pictures etc it is no problem, just give us a call on: 01676530299 / 07796998309
  • Never use a cloth (damp or dry) to handle/unhook any fish.
  • Anglers under the age of 14yrs old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No Shock Sticks
  • No Floating Poles
  • No Bagging Wagglers
  • No Candle Floats


It is Lavender Hall’s policy to be fair and honest with the visitors to their waters and for this reason we have no silly rules. Very few visitors are banned from the waters or told to leave but the bailiff or staff will send anglers away if they blatantly disregard the rules that we do have. For instance anglers have been told to leave after parking their vehicles on the grass having driven past notices saying they should not do so, standing up with fish, lighting fires on the bank, being abusive and spoiling the fishing for others, leaving their rods unattended and leaving litter.
Lavender Hall operates a zero tolerance policy to any acts of aggression or abuse towards its bailiff and staff.

The owners/management of Lavender Hall Fishery Ltd accept no responsibility or liability for any personal loss, damage, or injury whilst using our facility. Water is hazardous, please use caution and common sense when lakeside. Each person using our fishery does so at there own risk. Kind regards, Director of Lavender Hall Fishery