Looking after your catch should always be your number 1 priority. Follow these three simple steps to ensure the fish you catch are returned healthy and alive. To fish at Lavender you must use an unhooking mat at all times for Carp and large fish of other species. 

1. Keep the fish wet.

Have a bottle/bucket of water ready to keep the fish wet whilst on the mat – This is especially important during the warmer months.

2. Have everything you need ready to hand

Make sure you have your scales, sling, forceps and camera ready before lifting the fish out of the water – This will keep the time the fish is out of the water to a minimum.

3. Treat any cuts or sores

Always make sure you keep any treatment away from the eyes and gills of the fish. We sell the Korda Propolis treatment on site which we believe is the best  on the market, if you haven’t got any please make sure you buy  some before fishing on our lakes.

Fish should go back  in as good as or if not better condition then when you catch them!