Our Specimen lake ‘Station’ is one of the most popular day-ticket waters in the midlands, a real haven with some stunning fish in.

​The whole Lavender Hall Fishery site used to be a landfill 25 years ago, as such Station boasts a number of different features. Station is clay lined but the silt/soft mud has built up over the years in the open water, giving you a very good feature to fish to but make sure your rig’s will present your bait correctly as the silt/mud can be soft and deep in places.

Around the three islands you will find the gravel and clay areas that are obviously fished a lot and will produce  bite’s as most island’s do. In saying this the fish are cautious in these areas so try to get presentation  bang on.

​The depth does vary across the lake with the road side genuinely being a bit shallower around the 4ft mark and the far side of the lake around the 5/6ft mark.

The swims are very well spaced, there are 8 in total but with two double peg’s this means that when full there is 10 anglers on the lake, even when full you have ample space due to the layout of the lake with the three islands.


It was once an all out run’s water, but this is not the case any more. Over the years we have netted the lake to remove the smaller carp and silver fish etc. 

The fish stocks by all means are not low with 90 carp in a 2 acre lake. After the recent netting in 2018 we can comfortably say that 50% of these are now 20lb plus with two low thirties. The other 50% are mid to high doubles that will soon be over the twenty pound mark as well. The current lake record is 30lb 2oz a fish known as ‘Smudge’, with the smaller thirty weighing bang on 30lb called ‘Stella’.

The first angler to catch any carp over the 30lb mark for the first time will have the privilege to name that fish. There are also a handful of other fish also coming through the ranks that will hopefully break the 30lb barrier in the not so distant future.

We stocked 10 cracking fish from the excellent VS Fisheries on the 17th of November 2019. The stocking is the start of a 3 year stocking programme on our specimen lake ‘Station’ where we will be introducing a number of fish every winter. The idea behind this is we want to add young impressive looking fish of an excellent strain that will grow into extremely special fish in the not so distant future. We will then grade the stock and remove fish that aren’t moving forward, that are slightly damaged or not as aesthetically pleasing if you like.

The stock will never go over 100 fish, it sit’s at around 90 after the addition of the 10 carp with this stocking.The future of the lake is looking bright and we are excited for what it holds, tight lines folks and we look forward to seeing you soon.

For images of the stocked fish visit our Stocking Programme page.


“At the right time of year it does like it’s bait. It’s a water where I’m happy to fish over lot’s of different kind of baits, I.E either particle or boilies. Certainly for the bigger fish I’d go for boilies, and a good particle mix with corn, wheat and pellet for numbers of fish. In the summer it can be a great surface and zig water. “The fish do move around quite a lot. You don’t always want to fish to towards the three islands, they will of course produce fish but they also know they are very vulnerable there and will be extremely cautious. “In the winter I tend to change baiting approach to boilie crumb and maggot and expect to find the fish out in the middle channel and in the deeper open water areas but they can come in close along the eastern side of the lake. It’s a very good margin water, try and always have a rod in the edge as it is often where the big girls get caught.”


ALL ticket’s for our specimen lake ‘Station’ MUST be booked via our website. 

Please familarise yourself with the peg names on the map below as we now take booking’s for individual peg’s.

Day ticket’s are available Monday – Thursday ONLY.
They start at 10am and end at dusk, with the latest being 8.30pm during the summer months.

24hr Ticket’s start at 10am and finish at 10am. It really is that simple

Overnight mid-week tickets are coming soon and lake exclusivity booking are also coming soon. If you do want a lake exclusive, then just be quick and get the peg’s in the basket asap.

A valid EA Rod Licence number will be required upon booking.

To book in or to check availability click here.

For other enquiries call: 01676530299 or if for some reason you don’t get through call fishery manager Tom on: 07796998309 or email: [email protected]


£15.00 Day Ticket
£15.00 Night Ticket
£30.00 24hr Ticket


  • All Fishing Ticket’s to be purchased on the website BEFORE fishing.
  • If 4 anglers or less are fishing, 3 rods may be used. 5 or more fishing, everyone must use 2 rods.
  • Do not park on grass.
  • Night fishing is permitted. (Anglers wanting to night fish must book in to save disappointment as we generally are very busy)
  • NO STANDING UP WITH FISH (Visit our Fish Care page for more info on how to care for fish whilst they are on the bank)
  • Barbless hooks ONLY to be used. 
  • Rods must not be left unattended.
  • No carp to be retained – sacks are not allowed. (Unless you have been given special permission by a member of staff)
  • PADDED unhooking mats must be used at all times for all carp of any size!
  • No boats, bait boats, guns, fires, swimming, drugs or excessive drinking.
  • Dog’s are permitted if not aggressive, please keep on lead at all times and clean any mess up.
  • There are no bait restrictions, but all multiple baits such as seeds, nuts, peas and beans must be from a branded company such as Dynamite Baits, Monster Particles etc and fresh out of the tin/jar.
  • Permanently fixed leads are allowed on a helicopter setup if the hook length can come off the mainline/leadcore. – RIGS WILL BE CHECKED BY OUR BAILIFF/STAFF.
  • No transferring of fish between waters – no fish to be taken away or killed.
  • The lakes are on private property, so you should do nothing to disturb others, make minimal noise and keep lights at night to a minimum.
  • The use of BBQ’s are permitted but they must be raised off the ground. If you use a disposable BBQ and it burns the grass you will be asked to leave the fishery.
  • Braided mainline is not allowed, but you may use braided hooklinks. Such as Korda N-Trap etc
  • Surface Fishing is allowed (please be vigilant of the surrounding wildlife, birds etc)
  • Strictly no tents (I.E Camping tents bright yellow etc). Proper green fishing bivvy’s only.
  • Only one guest per angler allowed.
  • You must either use Rig Tubing or some kind of leader (Leadcore etc) above your lead system, strictly no bare line as this can damage fish whilst playing. The only exception to this is if you are using a naked helicopter style rig which are allowed.
  • A proper carp net is required, minimum size 42inch.
  • Never use a cloth (damp or dry) to handle/unhook any fish.
  • Anglers under the age of 16yrs old must be accompanied by an adult.


We want to record weight and photograph every fish you catch on Station, if you need a hand in doing so please call fishery manager Tom on: 07796998309 (7am – 9pm). If you photograph your own fish please email your image to: [email protected]