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The Fish

We pride ourselves on the quality of our fish. 99% of the fish are in immaculate condition. They do not give themselves up easily but the rewards are most certainly there. We have a mix of older originals and younger fish that have been stocked over the past couple of years.


£30 for 24hrs

£15 for a Day or Overnight Ticket

The Peg’s

8 Peg’s, with 2 doubles. Totalling 10 anglers.

The Stock

Lake record 30lb 8oz (Three different 30s)

90 Fish averaging 20lb+

The Rules

Please make sure you are aware of our rules before fishing!

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Booking’s Only

ALL ticket’s for our specimen lake ‘Station’ MUST be booked via our website.

Day ticket’s are available Monday – Thursday ONLY.
They start at 10am and end at dusk, with the latest being 8.30pm during the summer months.

24hr Ticket’s start at 10am and finish at 10am.

Overnight mid-week tickets are available along with lake exclusivity booking’s.

A valid EA Rod Licence number will be required upon booking.

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The 30’s

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30lb 3oz - 03.06.19


30lb 0oz May 2019


30lb 8oz (Lake record) - 03.04.21

What anglers have to say

Very well deserved 5 stars. A stunning fishery the cleanest I’ve ever been to! They have an on-site cafe which is well looked after and do a variety of foods from sandwiches to full cooked meals. The staff are very friendly and will meet your every needs. A beautiful outdoor seating area which you can enjoy your food and drink. The complex caters for all types of anglers from match/pleasure to your specimen carp. Station the specimen lake is very well pegged out giving each angler pretty much the same amount of water and features to fish to. It’s got a tackle shop stacked to the brim from bait/rods reels/clothing you name it they’ve got it. Station has got everything from scaley ones to big bellied commons. There is a few a-team for you to target also which makes getting a bite that even more exciting, If your unable or struggle taking a photo of your prize capture (within fishery hours) then give Tom or another member of staff a call and they will be down to take a professional photo for you! There is a train that goes behind a couple of the swims but after hearing it 3 or so times it just fades out and doesn’t cause an issue with the fishing. I urge you to get down!!

Liam Edwards

October 2021

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