Oak Lake – Intermediate Carp Lake

‘Oak’ lake is just over 1 acre in size with 13 peg’s and is a firm favourite amongst pleasure anglers who want to catch Carp.

​This is another lake that completely changed during the winter of 2019.

Up until that time it was an out and out ‘match’ lake. Although we found that the carp in ‘Oak’ outgrew match fishing size, and with good depths and anglers specifically targeting these carp we made the decision to change it from a ‘match’ lake to what we are now calling a ‘Intermediate Pleasure Carp Lake’. During the winter of 2019 we removed all of the F1’s and the majority of the silver fish out Oak. This will be very beneficial for the fishing and the actual Carp themselves. The Carp will simply get bigger and you will not have any smaller ‘nuisance’ fish whilst targeting those bigger Carp!

We feel Oak is for the angler that isn’t an out and out Specimen Carp angler, but for someone who likes catching a good stamp of Carp and a few of them.

It’s 5ft on average and 6ft at it’s deepest in open water areas with good depths around the margins.. Although relatively featureless on the surface, Oak has four gravel bars running across it’s width which are excellent features and often where the fish will get caught from.

There are now just 13 peg’s on Oak, they are strategically positioned so that you will never have anyone opposite you, meaning that you can fish over to the far margin if you wish. 

Anglers Tips are to fish accurately and bait accurately. We suggest baiting up the far margin with boilies and pellet, and using either on a simple bottom bait hair rig presentation. PVA bags also work very well.