Oak Lake has a total stock of 32 carp as you can see in the gallery below. (There are only 30 fish pictured as we unfortunately lost two of the pictures from when they were stocked. The fish pictures missing are a 19lb real old leather and the other a young 14lb mirror, we will add them to the gallery when they are caught)

There are two fish above the 20lb mark with the rest of the stock being doubles. These were stocked into Oak on 28.02.22 from our Specimen Lake ‘Station’. They are cracking fish, a real mix of older and younger fish, mirrors and commons and even a couple of ghosties!

We are looking to increase the stock up to around 50 carp, these will continuously be moved from Station lake as and when to ensure Oak lake continues to improve.

We have created 5 new peg’s which are all located on the same bank. With peg 4 being a double peg for two anglers. So a total of 6 anglers fishing at one time. The far bank will no longer be accessible for anyone.

We are excited to announce that we will now be allowing night fishing on Oak lake. Many anglers want to fish next to their friends when night fishing, so you can choose your swim, when you book.

Oak is 5ft on average, but as you can see in the video and on the lake map it has four gravel/clay bars running across it’s width which are key features and definetely worth finding.

The margins are also a nice feature so if the weather is warm, taking time to locate and bait a spot or two on the far or near margin would be a wise move.

As is standard with all lakes on the complex, the fish in Oak are being fed heavily with the house pellet so we strongly recommend its use, but any pellet combined with a good quality, freezer bait and some maize or sweetcorn will be sure to stand you in good stead and provoke a response from the fish!


Day Ticket – £11.00 (8am to Dusk)

Night Ticket – £11.00 (Dusk to 8am)

24hr Ticket – £20.00 (8am to 8am)


We take pride in looking after our fish, the rules are designed to ensure the fish come first

All fish captures must be reported. If you catch a fish during the day please leave the fish in the net and call the office on 01676530299. We will will come down and weigh and photograph the fish with you. If you catch a fish during the night then please weigh and take a high quality photograph of any fish that you catch and then send your catch report into us via email or text/whatsapp – [email protected] / 07796998309

  • Anglers can only use freezer boilies, fresh frozen particles, or pellets. We can supply all of this on-site.
  • Anglers may use there own hookbaits.
  • Spombs can only be used with the float attached.
  • Anglers must put all litter in the bins.
  • Maggots and Worms can only be used from November 1st to the end of February.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • Minimum breaking strain line of 12lb.
  • Anglers must set up their bivvies on the chipped swims only.
  • Please keep to the chipped paths when walking around the lake.
  • Please respect fellow anglers.
  • 2 rod limit per angler.
  • No nuts.
  • No sacks or retaining slings are allowed. Unless you have been special permission by a member of staff.
  • You must have proper carp fishing slings and padded unhooking mats, not cheap roll out ones!
  • Make sure all net’s, mat’s and slings are dipped in our net dip before going down to the lake.
  • No braided reel lines, only allowed for spod/marker.
  • No boats of any kind.
  • No guest’s.
  • Dog’s are allowed only if they are quiet and well behaved. Make sure to clean up after them.
  • Anglers must have a current rod licence and a fish care kit.
  • All anglers must use, lead core, tubing or the plastic leaders, no naked line.
  • No bolt rigs, make sure the lead can drop off if the fish get’s snagged etc.
  • Any anglers breaking these rules will be asked to leave without a refund.

Fish Care Rules

  • After a carp is netted it must be given 5 minutes to recover in the landing net before they are taken out of the water.
  • Then the net must be broken down and the weigh sling put under the fish and lifted out in the weigh sling.
  • The carp must be kept soaked with the water whilst in the cradle/mat.
  • Respect the fish at all times
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The video below was taken before the changes to Oak lake so ignore the peg’s etc. We will have an updated video in the spring!