Dragon – Match/Pleasure Lake

At just over an acre in size Dragon is the first lake you come to on entering Lavender Hall Fishery.

Dragon has two central islands with 21 pegs available to fish and has proved to be one of the most popular match/pleasure lakes at the fishery with the match record currently standing at 198lbs.

It’s 5ft on average and 6ft at it’s deepest in open water areas. Depths of 2ft around the two islands but be wary of fishing to close to the islands as there are tree root’s present.

The lake stock really is sublime with plenty of carp and f1’s to go for. There is also a few silvers as well.

There is a aeration system in place that provide’s perfect conditions for this heavily stocked mixed species lake.

​Dragon is also very suitable for disabled anglers as it is possible to park your car/s right behind one of the five BDAA award winning peg’s that are very user friendly and are ideal for anglers who struggle with mobility etc.

For match booking’s on this lake please see the matches page.