bROOK Lake

‘Brook’ is just under 1 acre in size. It is one of three match lake’s on the complex, boasting 17 pegs. It is our a lake consisting of Carp, F1’s, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Gudgeon and Perch.

Brook was completely re-dug during the winter of 2019. After not enough maintenance in the earlier years, silt built up to astonishing levels resulting in a very shallow lake, resulting in poor conditions for the fish.

Spring 2020 and Brook was completed. All of the silt removed, four islands down the centre to give the lake some features, a new aeration system and some great depths of 5-6ft on average!

Recommended baits are pellets, maggots, casters or worm fished with/over ground bait.

Available for day ticket fishing or matches.