Ben’s lake is just under an acre in size with 16 peg’s and is a firm favourite amongst pleasure/match anglers.

​The lake changed to a Carp/F1 lake when we had it netted at the end of 2018. All of the silver fish were taken out and put into Brook lake which will  allow the Carp/F1’s  that reside in Ben’s to thrive. (For the full netting report, click here)

 There is a  aeration system in place that provide’s perfect conditions for this heavily stocked Carp/F1 lake.

The lake stock really is sublime with  around 2000 carp currently but  we also plan to add a minimum of a 1000 F1’s in the not so distant future.

The average size of carp was around 6lb, although the recent addition of 1200 smaller carp around the 10oz mark has obviously brought that down but with an active feeding programme here at the the fishery these will soon grow on.

Ben’s at it’s deepest is around 5 and a half feet, and on average around 4ft making this an ideal lake for pole fishing.

The match record on Ben’s is currently 166lbs and was set by a local match angler who fished pellet up in the water on the pole from Peg 1.

​Ben’s is also very suitable for disabled anglers as it is possible to park  your car/s right behind one of the eight BDAA award winning peg’s that are very user friendly and are ideal for anglers who struggle with mobility etc.

For match booking’s on this lake please see the matches page.


It is Lavender Hall’s policy to be fair and honest with the visitors to their waters and for this reason we have no silly rules. Very few visitors are banned from the waters or told to leave but the bailiff or staff will send anglers away if they blatantly disregard the rules that we do have. For instance anglers have been told to leave after parking their vehicles on the grass having driven past notices saying they should not do so, standing up with fish, lighting fires on the bank, being abusive  and spoiling the fishing for others, leaving their rods unattended and leaving litter.

Lavender Hall operates a zero tolerance policy to any acts of aggression or abuse towards its bailiff and staff.

Please read these rules carefully before coming to fish this water.

Lake General Rules