Station Carp Stocking – Winter 2019 – VS Fisheries

So as the majority of you guy’s now probably know, we netted our specimen lake Station today.

Today (17.11.19) we stocked 10 cracking fish from the excellent VS Fisheries.

First a foremost we want to say a big thanks to VS, they have been excellent from start to finish. The fish and service they provide really is second to none… bravo folks!

Today’s stocking is the start of a 3 year stocking programme on our specimen lake ‘Station’ where we will be introducing a number of fish every winter. The idea behind this is we want to add young impressive looking fish of an excellent strain that will grow into extremely special fish in the not so distant future. We will then grade the stock and remove fish that aren’t moving forward,that are slightly damaged or not as aesthetically pleasing if you like. The stock will never go over 100 fish, it sit’s at around 90 after the addition of the 10 carp today.

The future of the lake is looking bright and we are excited for what it holds, tight lines folks and we look forward to seeing you soon.

For more information on our specimen lake ‘Station’, click here.

Station Netting – November 2017

So as the majority of you guy’s now probably know, we netted our specimen lake Station today.
After fishing extremely slow since August we really were not sure what to expect.
As always the excellent Jack & Tom from JS Fisheries did our netting. When they arrived this morning Jack had an idea of netting the lake differently to how we have done it in the past as the three islands and gravel bar do make it tricky which results in us struggling to get it all done in one day and also in getting all of the fish.
We resulted in sectioning the middle of the lake off with a 200m net and then sweeping around the back of that net eventually pulling all of the net’s to the roadside (Peg 11).

Let’s just say Jack’s idea worked. We had an incredible haul of fish that we did not expect, the lake’s water level is right up as well which really doesn’t help in netting the lake and we still had an excellent haul.
So then here it goes:

We removed 800lbs of Silver fish out of Station, these included Bream, Roach, Rudd and Perch. All of these fish have gone into Dragon. This will greatly help Station as it will free up a hell of a lot more room for the Carp. It will give them a lot more Oxygen and also means that they are getting to the bait first before the silvers.
So then, the carp.

In total we caught 80 carp to…. get ready for this as we have been waiting to say this for years…… 31LB!!!

Yes we have finally broken the 30lb barrier which we are absolutely thrilled about as we have worked towards this for many years now. 
The fish really is a unit as you will see in the pictures below and we think it really has some potential to get extremely big but only time will tell.
Onto the other Carp, as I said before we had 80 carp out, with 20 of them being over the 20lb mark and 10 around the 25lb+ mark. The average stamp of the rest of the fish were around 16lb-18lb.
Today has been very productive and we are not stopping there. We have already planned our netting next year where we will be draining the lake down beforehand this resulting in us getting 99% of the fish as Jack said that there are probably 20 Carp or so that we missed today, and I personally can think of 5 off the top of my head that I know we didn’t see today.

The aim is to try and completely get rid of the small silver fish by using a net with 9mm diameter holes that will catch any fry etc to stop them breeding every year. We then want to pick out the best and younger carp and eventually have a stock of around 50-60 Carp in Station. This is more then enough for a water of Station’s size and with a feeding programme going forward and everything being well we expect every fish in the lake to be over 20lb by 2020 and hopefully have plenty of thirties in the lake!

Going on to Dragon which is where we put all of the silver fish today, we felt that it really has been quiet on there these past two years so we feel that the extra competition for food will only help you guys catch plenty more fish going forward and I can truly say that some of the fish we put in today are real beauties and have never been caught. Roach were up to 1lb, the Perch up to 2lb and some of the Bream up to 4lb.
Thanks again to everyone who came down today and to those that leant a hand. Also thanks again to Jack & Tom (JS Fisheries), if anyone needs a lake netting then get in touch with these boys, they really know what they are doing.


Yesterday we had Station netted. (30th November 2015)
It proved to be very successful, we managed to remove 700lb of silver fish from Station, these being mainly Roach with the odd bream.
The Roach were an average size of around 6 inches upwards with a fair few of them being around the 1lb mark, don’t forget that these fish are never fished for down on station so they have never been caught and they are in immaculate condition. The Roach have been spread around our four general lakes, with the majority going in to Brook and Dragon pool. The removal of these Silver fish really is a no brainer, they would be eating around 12kg of food a day down on Station, not only that the Carp will be have a lot more room and oxygen down there now. Plus they will be fished for now on the General Lakes and I can assure you that if you do catch one of the silver fish we moved yesterday then you will not be disappointed, they really are in immaculate condition.
Now then the Carp….

We did not move one carp yesterday, that was not the aim of the netting. We sectioned the lake off into 5 different sections. We managed to net 4 out of the 5 sections, but due to the light we did not manage to net the last little section which was the little bit of water to the right of Peg 1. We aren’t too bothered anyway as like previously stated, our aim was to get the silver fish out and we already netted the majority of them out on our second haul. This time of year the Silvers shoal up and they all came from the one section which was the water in front of pegs 3, 4 and 5.
Anyway so after netting 4 out of the 5 sections of water we netted 50 carp from the channel in the middle of the lake (In front of peg 6 & 7) and 27 carp from the same place we got all of the silvers from (Peg 3, 4 & 5) and one carp from in front of pegs 9 & 10. So in total we netted 78 carp with 21 of them being over 20 pound and 57 under 20 pound. The fish were all in immaculate condition and we could not believe the size of them, the fully scaled is now the current known biggest fish in the water at bang on 29lb, with the current caught lake record (The Big Common) at a very healthy weight of 28lb 12oz which we were chuffed about (Please bear in mind that when Ross caught it at the lake record weight in May it was still full of spawn and weighed 29lb 2oz so imagine it next year when it will be full of spawn). Another fish we weighed was the Chocolate Common (Dark on top, with the light creamy white underbelly) as we are now calling it at 25lb 10oz. These were not the only fish that were around this size, we only got these out and weighed them individually as we can easily identify them, there were plenty of others.
We will be feeding the fish throughout 2016 and we are hoping for around 5 different 30’s in there by the end of next year with the majority of all the other carp over 20 pound.

Please bear in mind that we did not see quite a few carp that we know are in there, they could have been in the section that we did not manage to net, but you do only get a certain percentage of the fish when hauling nets in. With this in mind we would estimate around 100 to 150 max carp in the lake.

We have taken around 4000lb of silver fish out of Station over the years, and with better quality bait being used down there now, a regular feeding programme, and excellent water quality, we are confident that Station will continue to grow into one of the best Specimen carp lakes in the midlands.

Finally we would like to say a big thanks to Jack & Tom from JS Fisheries for netting the lake the past couple of times, they really know what they’re doing, and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

The photo’s aren’t the best, they were only taken very quickly on a phone as we like to get the fish back ASAP.