Station Netting Review

On Monday 28th February we netted our specimen lake ‘Station’. We wanted to drop the water level about 2 and a half feet but unfortunately because of the constant rain and an issue with our pump we only managed to drop the water level a couple of inches.

The reason to drop the water level when netting is because you have a much higher success rate of netting more of the fish as they obviously have less places to hide, especially on Station with the undercut on the islands etc.
Anyway Jack at JS Fisheries did a wonderful job as always and said that we probably netted around 60% of the fish.
We removed 500lb of of silvers, mainly Roach and these were an excellent stamp. 300lb went into Dragon lake and 200lb into Brook lake.
We also took out 32 carp, these have now gone into ‘Oak’ lake. One 20lber and there rest doubles.
We returned 18 carp into Station and estimate the actual stock now in the lake to be around 40 fish, pretty much all of them 20s.
The reason for thinning the stock on Station is the fish have plateaued in recent years. We want ‘Station’ to be an out and out specimen carp lake and now our days, double figure carp are not specimen’s, 20s are expected as a minimum. We also want plenty of 30s in there so by hand picking the best and giving the fish plenty of room they will only go in one direction!
Station fishes tricky anyway, almost as if there were around 40 in there, we actually think it might be a little easier as the oxygen in the water will be so much greater with less biomass of fish in there.
Anyway that’s a brief post about the netting, there will be more regarding each individual lake. We will be netting our stock pond soon and stocking some more carp around 3lb into Dragon lake we’ll let you know as and when we do.
In the meantime check our our website and in particular the Oak & Station pages as they have been updated!
Thanks again to those who helped on the day: Kai, George, Ellis, and John!
The Common below is Scatter Scale from Station weighing 24lb 9oz.

2 thoughts on “Station Netting Review

  1. Jeff buttle says:

    Hi mate, I’m think of fishing somewhere this weekend and stumbled across your specimen lake and have to say scatter scale looks amazing. I would love to fish the venue one weekend if possible. The sooner the better. When will the specimen lake become available for me to fish. Please can you let me know.

    Kind regards Jeff

    • Lavender Hall Fishery says:

      Hi Jeff.

      Thanks for your comments, Scattered is a special fish! The specimen lake is open now, just book online.

      Kind regards

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