Following on from our update Sunday evening, we now have a clearer picture of how WE will be moving forward.

There are a few factors as to why we haven’t decided to open Wednesday morning, these being:

1.) The fish started spawning Friday 8th/Saturday 9th, they did then stop on Sunday 10th as the temperatures dropped. We are expecting the fish across the complex to continue spawning when the temperatures rise again over the coming weeks.

2.) We are currently working closely with a company to make all fishing tickets available to purchase via our website. This will be the safest way and the only way to purchase them for the foreseeable. This is not quite ready yet, but not a million miles away.

3.) Lastly and the MAIN REASON FOR NOT OPENING is the fact that our fishery is our home. We as a family have been isolating here, and we will not open the fishery until WE feel it is safe to do so.

So moving forward from this, we still have no exact opening date but we can confirm that the fishery will definitely NOT be opening in May. This does not mean that we are opening on the 1st of June either, we are just going to take it week by week for the time being to see how thing’s are going. When we have any more information or a re-opening date we will let you folks know right away via our website and social media channels.

Lastly we just want to thank you for your continued support, and for respecting our decision.

Oh and if you are going fishing elsewhere then please do respect the guidelines, as this can be taken away from us very easily.

Stay safe – All The Best


3 thoughts on “COVID-19 UPDATE (12.05.20) – CLOSED FOR THE REMAINDER OF MAY

  1. David Jastrzebski says:

    Great to see a fishery that is prepared to put people/fish welfare ahead of profit in these very strange times that we are now living in. Looking forward to seeing you all when you do open, if not to fish then certainly to enjoy the warm hospitality that always accompanies your legendary breakfasts.
    In the meantime, to all of you, take care and stay safe.

  2. Wade says:

    As much as I would like to visit, full respect for your decisions and choices. As your family home you must do what’s right for you, and for that you have our full support. Looking forward to when this is all over – tight lines and best wishes.

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