Station Carp Stocking – Winter 2019 – VS Fisheries

Today (17.11.19) we stocked 10 cracking fish from the excellent VS Fisheries.

First a foremost we want to say a big thanks to VS, they have been excellent from start to finish. The fish and service they provide really is second to none… bravo folks!

Today’s stocking is the start of a 3 year stocking programme on our specimen lake ‘Station’ where we will be introducing a number of fish every winter. The idea behind this is we want to add young impressive looking fish of an excellent strain that will grow into extremely special fish in the not so distant future. We will then grade the stock and remove fish that aren’t moving forward,that are slightly damaged or not as aesthetically pleasing if you like. The stock will never go over 100 fish, it sit’s at around 90 after the addition of the 10 carp today.

The future of the lake is looking bright and we are excited for what it holds, tight lines folks and we look forward to seeing you soon.

For more information on our specimen lake ‘Station’ then visit:

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