30lb 3oz Smudge

Station New Lake Record & Second 30lber

So we wasn’t wrong folks, we mentioned that when Pete Homer caught ‘Stella’ back in May that there could well be a fish bigger then her present in the lake.

On Monday 3rd of June 2019 Dave Smith backed up that theory when he caught the new lake record and second thirty out of Station at a new lake record of 30lb 3oz! We would like to congratulate Dave on some fine angling, he landed 4 fish on the day in total.

BAIT Solutions prototype wafters placed in the correct location did the trick.

As previously mentioned any angler to catch a new 30lb+ out of Station get’s to name that fish, Dave has chosen ‘Smudge’, as this is what his mates call him.

‘Smudge’, caught on 3rd of June 2019 weighing 30lb 3oz.

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