Stella - 30lb 0oz

Station New Lake Record & First 30lber

So 15 years ago we purchased this fishery with a dream well and truly lodged into my dad’s brain of him having his own specimen carp lake. That dream also became one of mine as I grew up and understood more about the sport that all of us love.

So we got to it, we simply chose the biggest lake on the complex and got to work. Station had 60+ peg’s crammed all over the lake. There was a bridge across to the island’s and simply put peg’s all over the place. I’m not going to blab on about all of the work we have done to get to the stage where we are now as this is not what this post is all about.

All I’m going to say is we have an aim as to where we would like the lake to be and what the stock consists of, it’s going in the right direction.

Now 30lb is not a massive fish in the carp fishing world of today. We did not want to lose the lake’s history by removing all of the carp that were in station, we simply wanted to grade them every year and leave the biggest and best to grow and develop into what they are becoming. We could of easily of bought some fast growing ‘carp’ and we would probably have 10 plus thirties in there or maybe even a forty, but that isn’t what it’s all about for us.

The stunning fish below is one that has lived in station for many a year and let’s face it, it’s a beaut!! It’s actually not what we think is the biggest in there, we believe that there are one if not two that are bigger, but who know’s…. time will tell.

Anyway that’s enough of us waffling on, we would like to congratulate Peter who has been visiting the fishery for many years now and we couldn’t of wished for anyone better to catch the first 30lb+ fish. He has decided to call the fish “Stella”, some of you may of seen our post yesterday where Pete received a little gift from ourselves, that has where the name has come from.

‘Stella’, caught on 1st of May 2019 weighing 30lb 0oz

6 thoughts on “Station New Lake Record & First 30lber

    • lavenderhallfishery says:

      Hi Bob, you will find the day ticket prices on the website. Keepnets can be used on Brook our silvers lake only. Unless you are obviously fishing in a match.

    • lavenderhallfishery says:

      You can’t fish all over each other with the way the peg’s and lake is layout. People respect each other, if they don’t then we intervene.

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